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Ranger -- SOLD
Ranger is a sweet Arabian gelding. Twelve years old and standing a stocky 14.2 hands. Stunning, glossy coat, soft, expressive eyes, great bone mass, and beautiful carriage. He also boasts some impressive bloodlines (Muscat, Mussiah, and Faraon to name a few).
Ranger has impeccable ground manners and is extremely good natured. He loves to work at liberty with his handler, and on the longline. Stands tied quietly. Good to handle his feet. Gets along well with other horses, and ponies very well.
Ranger came to us by way of an acquaintance who was moving and unable to take horses. I have only had him a short while, and don’t know a lot about his history. But I do know that this handsome boy was shown western pleasure as a youngster (and did very well), but he has done very little in the past few years. He still remembers much of his training, but seems to have soured a bit. So, despite his training, I am selling him as green broke. He needs an experienced, competent rider/trainer to restore his confidence and bring him back to his former glory.
You would be hard pressed to find a horse of this caliber and bloodline for a lower price.
He seems to love the trails and has a very willing nature. He is very responsive, yields to leg and seat, is good at the walk and trot, but he needs to rebuild his confidence at the canter.
We really hate to see this sweetheart go, but we have taken him as far as we are able, and he needs to be in a home where he can have a steady job, and his potential can be reached.
Price is very negotiable to the right home.
$1000 -- SOLD 
Working on the longline in the field. He knows his verbal transition cues very well: 
Working at liberty in the pasture. He loves working with people on the ground:

Ranger will happily walk and trot over tarps, 
as well as walk around with them draped over his back:
He has beautiful reachy gaits:
Ranger being ponied along the river trail. He goes through the river, up and down embankments, and picks his way carefully over deadfall:

$1000 or best offer.
*       *       *

Phoenix -- SOLD
Super flashy 9 year-old dark Palomino mare.
Phoenix is broke to ride and loves to be ridden up in the mountains. She will make a wonderful trail horse with continued rides. She is bold and brave and will take the lead or fall back in line as asked. Moves out beautifully on steep terrain. She has great endurance and is currently fit and ready to go.
She stands a stocky 14.2 hands. Trailers well. Stands tied - no pull back. Great with feet and the farrier. Up to date with shoes and wormer. Never minds the dogs, cats, chickens, calf, kids...etc. Easy to catch, saddle and bridle.
Phoenix is extremely sweet - no buck, rear, spook, kick, or bite - very easy going. Will be a great youth, kid's, or husband's trail horse. She is not for beginners yet, as her training is not yet complete, but with continued riding she will be phenomenal!
She is currently being trained in the arena. Responds well to leg pressure (can almost be ridden without a bridle). She has an incredibly smooth trot, powerful canter, and a fast, ground covering walk. She carries herself beautifully and has a stunning head with big, expressive eyes. Her mane and forelock had been roached in December - but it is growing in THICK and long. This horse turns heads and earns complements everywhere she goes.
Don't miss out on your chance to own this incredible mare.
$2000 -- SOLD

*         *         *
Rue -- SOLD
Rue is a beautiful 2003 registered Arabian mare.
A very pretty mover - would do well in both Western and English. She would also be a wonderful addition to any Arabian breeding program. She boasts some impressive bloodlines: Rani Morain, Fadjur, Baske-TU, *Padron, and Padrons Psyche to name a few.
Standing at 13.3hh she would be the perfect youth or ladies mount.
Rue is undeniably one of the sweetest horses to pass through our farm. She came to us as a rescue horse (see her story on our Rescues page). Starved and neglected, she was desperate for anyone to love and care for her. This little horse has come a very long way since she first stepped out of that trailer and she is now ready to find a permanent, loving home.
She lunges well and stands patiently to be groomed and saddled. She has five rides under her belt and has done extremely well - no buck or rear. She is already yielding to leg pressure and is very light on the bit. Rue is demonstrating the all the inelegance and receptiveness so prevalent in the Arabian horse. She is calm, easy to handle, and respects her handler's space.
Please call or email if you have any further questions or if you would like to come meet this very special horse.
*         *          *
 Flashy 2 year old Grulla and White Pinto Filly. Sweet temperament - she is the first one to meet you in the field or pen. She is very smart and learns exceptionally quickly. She is currently lunging under saddle and doing very well - responding to voice cues. Her ground work is done and she is ready to start right.
She is good with her feet. Stands to be groomed, saddled and mounted. She has had two rides on her so far and is coming along nicely - no buck or spook.
She stands about 14.2 and is still growing - great legs. With her amazing coat color and fantastic mane and tail she will certainly get you noticed. Brier is an absolutely beautiful mover and will definitely be a force to reckon with in both the Hunter Pleasure and Western Pleasure rings.
$1200 - SOLD
*         *        *
Hellcat -- SOLD

Hellcat is a beautiful 8 year old gray and white Arabian/Paint mare. Broke to ride - has been ridden Western, English and bareback. She is exceptionally quiet - no spook, buck or rear. Has been ridden through the irrigation water and mud without problems, been ridden by young riders and even jumped a bit for fun. We took her out on her first mountain trail ride and she did very well. The terrain did not throw her - she was very sure footed even on the steep descents. She stepped over logs and deadfall with no problems and even walked confidently over the bridges. Hikers and bikers were nothing to her and she happily took the lead or fell back in line as asked. With continued rides she will be a knockout trail horse.
She has fantastic gaits - beautiful little western pleasure jog (you could sit that trot all day long) and a smooth rolling canter. Stunning color and markings. Cat, got the best of both breeds - she has the muscular frame and unique coat color of the Paint horse and the beautiful, head, eye and body carriage of the Arabian horse. She stands 14.1-14.2hh.
Hellcat isn't for beginners yet as her training is not yet completed, but she is very safe and an intermediate rider would easily fall in love with her. With someone, with the knowhow to finish her, at the helm for a while, she will be an amazing kid/husband safe horse. She has the brains and heart to go all the way.
Cat will be a phenomenal Western Pleasure, English and/or trail mount for any rider! Where ever you decide to take her, heads will turn.
$1200 - SOLD
*         *         *
Texas -- SOLD
Texas is a beautiful, hard working AQHA Palomino gelding. 12 years old and 14.2hh.
He is a phenomenal trail horse - crosses water, bridges, logs and deadfall with no problem. Tex is very brave, sure footed and steady. He will ride out alone or in a group and doesn’t get herd bound. He will stand tied quietly all day, has great feet and is good with the farrier. He absolutely loves to be groomed and pet - for as tough as this guy is, he is really just a big puppy at heart.
Tex is registered with the AQHA and has some pretty impressive bloodlines – Doc Bar and Mr. San Peppy to name a few. Long, full tail, good solid frame and a knockout head – this gelding turns heads.
Tex has logged countless hours on the trails and been through some pretty rough country. He is fit and ready to go to work - just in time for the fall riding season.

$2400 - SOLD
*         *         *
Luxor -- SOLD
Luxor is a very charismatic 3 yr old Arabian Gelding. Extremely typey. Fluid, floaty movement. Very smart and willing to learn. Stands tied, good with feet. He is currently lunging under saddle and coming along great. He has a sweet disposition and is very brave (we lead the little kids around on him). We got on him for the first time the other day and he was amazing - no buck, spook, or flight. It will not take much to make a solid riding horse out of him.
Stands 14 hands and growing. Fantastic bloodlines - Ferzon, Bask, The Real McCoy. He is pure bred but is being sold as grade as he was never papered.
This little guy will make an outstanding youth show gelding, pleasure/trail mount or even a great endurance prospect.
$600 - SOLD
*         *         *
Petra -- SOLD
Petra is a sweet, 19 year old Thoroughbred mare. She is well broke, but has enjoyed the good life of simply being a horse in a field for several years. I got on her for the first time in at least three years and she was phenomenal. She neck reins beautifully and is very light on the bit, turning at the slightest touch of your hand. She yields to leg pressure and even backs. She has a good stop and knows her voice commands. There is no buck when she is under saddle. She knows how to work and gets right to it. She has a long, ground covering walk and a surprisingly smooth trot - very pretty mover.
Petra stands about 15 hands and has a good frame, however she could use some extra muscle toning. She is good for the farrier, stands tied quietly to be groomed and saddled, bathes and never minds the spray bottle.
This little mare loves attention. She will walk up to you in the field and just stand by you quietly until you scratch her. She needs a good home where she will be loved for the rest of her days, so her price is negotiable to the right home.
For sale to a great home only.
$300 - SOLD
*         *         *

Gypsy -- SOLD
Standing an easy 16.1hh, Gypsy has the presence to command attention. Stunning color and markings. Big, beautiful eye and silky hair coat. Fantastic legs with great bone mass. She is incredibly strong and would make an excellent saddle horse as well as a powerhouse addition to your pack string.
Gypsy is being started under saddle so she needs a confidant, competent handler to complete her training and help her build trust in her rider. She lunges well, and is ready to go in any direction - would be amazing in the hills or a knock-out in the show ring.
Good with her feet, loads, leads, and stands tied.

$1200 - SOLD!

*         *         *
Sysco -- SOLD
Sysco is a flashy 4yr old buckskin paint gelding. Phenomenal markings with a heavy dorsal stripe and tiger stripes on his legs. 15.2 hands. Well broke and extremely athletic. Sysco has very smooth gaits and a fantastic, easy lope. He stands tied, bathes, trailers and is quiet for the farrier. He would make a very competitive speed event mount, trail horse or a head turning Western Pleasure gelding. Come take a look at this beautiful, unique horse.

*        *        *

Sage -- SOLD
Sage is a beautiful Red Dun, Paint Breed Stock Filly. Coming 2 years-old and showing huge amounts of potential. Easy to handle, patient and sane. Good with her feet and taking a saddle blanket. Lunges well and has a lovely rolling canter, slow jog, and a naturally low headset. Will make an exceptional western pleasure mount or trail horse, and has the build to excel in roping, reining, or speed events.
Color, conformation, and brains, this little filly has it all.
$1000 -- SOLD

*         *         *

Swift Arrow -- SOLD
 3 year old, reg. Appaloosa/POA gelding. Absolutely stunning color, beautiful mover. Great ground manners. Lunging well under saddle. Ready to start. He is a sweet natured horse and is very willing to learn. Standing at just over 13 hands Arrow will make a phenomenal youth show/pony club, Western pleasure mount and even has the capacity to excel in English flat and Hunter Jumper.
$800 - SOLD
*        *        *
Blaze -- SOLD
Blaze is a trail horse deluxe. He has logged countless hours on some of Utah and Wyoming's most challenging trail systems.
Has been used as a youth mount in addition to being a surefooted member of the pack string. He is about as bombproof as they come. Can be ridden out alone, and crosses water and dead-fall without fuss.
Nice easy gaits and exceptional endurance, make him a pleasure to ride.
12 years-old and 14.3 hands.
Great to lead, load, tie, shoe, saddle, and catch. No bad habits, just a solid, stoic mount.$1000 - SOLD 
*        *        *
Sahara -- SOLD
Sahara is a sweet older Arabian gelding. He is purebred, but his papers had been misplaced by a previous owner so he is being sold as grade.
He is very gentle and easy to handle. Loves to be brushed, and will stand tied quietly for hours. Good with his feet, easy to load, lead and bathe. He is current on all vet and farrier work, and is healthy and ready to find his perfect home.
Sahara is good to ride, but has been little more than a pasture pet for the last few years. When we got him we gave him a refresher course and he proved that he had been very well trained in the past. With a bit more time, he would make a wonderful mount for the kids...or just keep him all to yourself.
He is a beautiful boy, boasting the elegant body carriage, arching tail, dished face, and huge, kind eyes so sought after in the Arabian horse breed.
$500 -- SOLD
*         *         *
Sergeant -- SOLD
Sergeant has presence and personality deluxe! This boy is an absolute blast to ride.
He has everything you could ask for in a Morgan horse - smooth gaits, a great mind, a willingness to try almost anything, and conformation plus! He has the coveted high, arched neck, smooth, powerful hip, great bone mass, long, thick mane and tail, and a stunning head with beautiful, expressive eyes.
Serge is registered with the Morgan Horse Association and boasts some pretty impressive bloodlines. Has been shown and trail ridden extensively. Moves out perfectly on the trail and is very sure footed. Would make a wonderful endurance or competitive trail ride mount. Has been ridden and shown both western and English.
Responds well to leg pressure, neck reins, and can be ridden bareback or double. In the winter he happily pulls the kids around the field on a sled.
A truly amazing horse. Don't miss out on your chance to call him your own.
$1500 -- SOLD
*         *         *
Fawkesfire -- SOLD
FawkesFire (Fox) is a lovely two year old, palomino AQHA filly. She comes from San Peppy lines and has the conformation and mind to follow in his footsteps. With her breathtaking color and markings she will be a showstopper. Fawkes is a dream to handle, no bad habits - has never kicked, bit or bucked. She stands tied, trailers, clips, bathes, stands for the farrier and loves to be groomed. She is lunging under saddle and is ready to start right.
$2400 - SOLD
*          *          *
Gladiator -- SOLD 
Gladiator is an absolutely stunning 4 year old Arabian gelding. He is out of the late, great Baskrey and Sired by Victory Ibn Elijah. Standing 14.3 hands and growing he is quite an impressive animal. He is going great under saddle and is preparing for a career in the showring. This horse is unbelievably charismatic, heads turn everywhere he goes. His fantastic Western jog and smooth, correct body make him a double threat, not only will he excel in Western Pleasure, but in the Halter ring as well. He is fearless and will readily try just about anything his is asked, making him a great competitive trail horse prospect also. He stands quietly to be groomed, saddled, bathed, clipped and shod. No buck, rear or kick. He is sweet, sound and sane. Don't let this one pass you by.
$3500 - SOLD

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