At Flying V Farm we keep several different chicken breeds - specializing in gentle, hearty, prolific layers
We also offer farm-fresh, free-range eggs
$3.00 a dozen

The Breeds:

Brown Leghorn hen
Originating in Italy the Leghorn was bred for its ability to lay a plentiful supply of large white eggs. Introduced to North America in 1853 this light, hearty breed quickly became a favorite for backyard chicken enthusiasts as well as the larger commercial distributors - laying an average of about 280 eggs per year.

White Leghorn hen

Plymouth Barred Rock hen
The beautiful Plymouth Barred Rock is an American breed - originating in New England in 1869. This heavy, dual-purpose bird was bred for its heartiness and cold tolerance, its docility and its ability to lay a large number of lovely cream-colored eggs. This breed is a great choice for first time keepers.

The Australorp  is an Australian/British breed developed from the crossing of Australian stock birds with the Black Orpington. The stunning, iridescent plumage of this heavy breed makes the Australorp a true showman. They are often very gentle and tame easily - making them ideal for the family coop. Great layers, Australorp hens produce a quantity of medium-sized brown eggs.

Black Rock hen
The undeniably beautiful Black Rock is a masterful cross between the hearty Rhode Island Red and the Plymouth Barred Rock. Feathering is predominately iridescent black with copper highlights about the neck and breast. This breed was developed primarily for increased egg-laying - but as a heavy breed it makes a great dual-purpose bird as well. Laying upwards of 290 eggs per year and highly cold tolerant this lovely breed is perfect for novice keepers.

Buff Brahma rooster
Its immense size, paired with the hen's ability to lay a surprising number of eggs, make the Buff Brahma a fantastic duel purpose bird. And its beautiful plumage make it a fun and interesting choice for the barnyard.

Silver Lace Wyandotte hen
The Silver Lace Wyandotte is arguably one of the best choices for novice keepers. This stunningly beautiful bird is easy to care for and extremely hearty. The Wyandotte is also prized for its varied color patterns, it docility, and the hens ability to lay a large number of big, cream or light brown eggs.

Buff Orpington hen with newly hatched chick
This hearty, big bodied bird is another wonderful choice for first time chicken keepers. Extremely friendly, even with young children, and a great producer of large cream colored eggs.
Buff Orpitions do have a tendency towards broodiness, but if allowed to hatch out a brood, they make very caring mothers.

Ameraucana hen
The friendly and beautiful Amerucana is another wonderful producer. Hens lay a plentiful supply of lovely green tinted eggs. 

Young Rhode Island Red rooster
As evident by its name, the Rhode Island Red is yet another hearty American breed. Sometimes described as plain, this rust-colored bird makes up for its lack of flashy feathers by being one of the friendliest chicken breeds. Although sometimes aggressive to strangers, these birds form a strong bond with familiar humans and seem to enjoy their company. The Rhode Island Red will defend its own quite fiercely if it detects danger. RIR roosters have been known to attack and even kill predators to protect other flock members. 
This breed is another great dual-purpose breed and lays an average of about 200 large, brown eggs per year.